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Construction of terraces and pathways

A terrace in a house or apartment is a great advantage and pleasure. As the situation with the epidemic showed, it is important for people to spend time outside in the fresh air, so many began to think about how to arrange an open terrace, make it comfortable and cozy. The terrace, like nothing else, reflects the French L'Art de Vivre - the art of living, the ability to enjoy work and rest, to enjoy any weather and day of the week. There are no bad days, there is an unsuccessfully equipped terrace. The simplest type of patio, which is a wooden floor covering, can be an extension of the house. It is recommended to clean the wooden floor with a brush and washing solution every year, sand it and cover it with a special impregnant.

Ideas for terrace construction:

  • Open terrace without fence
  • Open terrace with fence
  • Covered terrace
  • Glass extension
  • Roof terrace
  • Pool terrace
  • Terrace with summer kitchen
  • Terrace around the house
  • Terrace-balcony


Floors and drains should be taken into account when designing a seasonal recreation area. Precipitation must disappear and not accumulate, as well as the material must be resistant to the weather - it does not fade in the sun, tolerates cold, heat, humidity and is easy to wash.

Most often used for decking:

  • wood (will provide warmth and comfort but needs additional covering for weather resistance)
  • polymer plates (easy to install, wear-resistant, not afraid of moisture)

Natural spruce

Spruce terrace board made from the highest grade A quality wood. Suitable for outdoor terraces, walkways and walkways. Depending on the wood species and post-treatment, it is possible to give the desired visual appearance to the terrace boards by treating them with one of the treatment products intended for terrace boards.

Impregnated spruce

Brown, high-pressure impregnated in the 3rd class. In order for the terrace boards to look visually attractive longer and to last longer than 10-15 years, we also recommend treating impregnated terrace boards regularly (once every 1-2 years) with special means for terrace boards. For example, stains or oils that protect against UV rays.

Heat treated spruce

Thermowood production technology is based on heating wood to 160-220°C, under the influence of which the physical and chemical properties of wood are changed. Processing takes place in special drying chambers, where each wood species and tone requires its own heating temperature.


  • the material is ecological - the production technology is based on the effect of high temperature and water vapor on lumber, thus avoiding chemical treatment;
  • aesthetically superior appearance and constant color - the wood acquires a uniform color that varies from light brown to chestnut brown, the color constancy is maintained on the condition that the wood is treated with an appropriate treatment agent that provides protection against UV radiation, for example with colorless or tinted oil ;
  • invariance of dimensions - heat treatment changes the structure of wood cells, removing moisture from it, so the dimensions do not change due to fluctuations in the temperature and humidity of the external environment;
  • biological longevity of wood - thermal wood is resistant to mold fungus, reproduction of various microorganisms and other biological damage;
  • water resistance - as a result of heat treatment, the moisture level of the wood decreases and the surface becomes dense, significantly affecting the absorption of moisture from the external environment;
  • low thermal conductivity - 20-25% lower than untreated wood, thus thermal wood is perfect for buildings and rooms with large differences in temperature and humidity;
  • no resin - resin is removed during the thermal treatment process, so thermal wood is useful for interior decoration in saunas and saunas;
  • quick and easy installation - no need to use screws, because special fasteners for thermal wood are used, which do not have visible fastening points.

Painted with REMMERS premium paint HK-LASUR

Decorative, protective wood varnish based on modern raw materials (solvents, alkyd resins).

Thanks to high-quality raw materials and pigments, the HK-Lasur coating provides long-term wood protection against:

  • humidity
  • bruising
  • UV radiation
  • wood pests


  • Penetrates deep into the wood
  • Does not crack or peel, as it does not form a film on the surface
  • Protects against water, but maintains air permeability, which allows you to regulate the humidity of the wood
  • Allows subsequent resurfacing without prior sanding or staining

Terrace foundations (ground screw piles)

Terraces are increasingly found in modern houses and cottages. This design increases comfort and allows you to change the architectural appearance of the building. Even if the original design did not include a terrace, it can be attached anywhere using a system of piles and screws.
A deck supported on screw piles is an attractive, sturdy and durable structure. Installation takes no more than 1-2 days, after which you can proceed to the main stage of construction.

Advantages of ground screw piles:

  • saves time when installing a terrace
  • saves money on both materials and labor
  • allows you to install terraces and other objects on uneven ground, also on slopes
  • environmentally friendly product
  • no need to concrete or dig holes
  • allows you to work in any weather conditions, both in winter and summer
  • allows the structure to be moved if necessary, as well as the piles to be reused
  • foundation that can be loaded immediately after installation


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