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Terms of delivery

When placing an order, you can choose one of the following ways of receiving goods in the shopping cart:

  • receive the product at one of our points of sale (payment by payment card or prepayment by bank transfer);
  • delivery of goods with our cooperation partners, to the delivery address specified by you, throughout the territory of Latvia or Europe (prepayment by bank transfer).

Issuance of goods at the customer service center

The delivery service at the customer service center is free of charge. Opening hours and coordinates can be found HERE.

If you have chosen to receive the product(s) at the service center, the product(s) will be prepared there within 1-3 working days, unless a different delivery time is specified for the selected product(s). We will notify you about this by e-mail, SMS or by calling. We look forward to receiving your order within 7 (seven) calendar days. After these deadlines, the order will be canceled and the ordered goods will be sent back to the warehouse.

To receive the order, you must have an identity document and the order number with you. If your order will be received by another person, when completing the order, indicate them as the recipient. And if the buyer is a legal entity, a power of attorney must be present.

Home delivery of goods

It is possible to apply for home delivery throughout Latvia and throughout Europe.

After placing the order, we will contact you to clarify the delivery time and address of the goods. We will transfer the order to our delivery partner, who will also contact you before delivering the product to clarify the delivery. It is not possible to determine the exact delivery time, as the delivery is made according to the specified route. We will clarify the delivery price after receiving the order and will contact you for confirmation.

In cases where the Product has not been delivered to the Customer due to its loss due to the fault of postal (courier) service employees, the Seller reimburses the Customer for the paid Product and delivery value only after the Seller has received confirmation of loss or compensation from the postal service.

The Seller is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the Goods, caused by the fault of the selected supplier, not delivering the Goods on time. If the Customer has not received his order within 30 days from the date of shipment, he shall inform the Seller of this fact by sending information to, indicating the number and date of his purchase, and the parties shall agree on an additional deadline for the delivery of the Goods.

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