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Mooring buoys

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An assortment of 4 different sizes of floats for mooring yachts and boats of all shapes and sizes. The material from which the float is made is durable and resistant to direct exposure to solar ultraviolet rays. Buoy rod not included. Specification: Volume: 45 L Width*Length*Height: 41 x 41 x..
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article: MB-ROD
Rod made of hot-dip galvanized metal complete with mooring buoy. This type of buoy is used for mooring in deep water areas with natural barriers or obstacles to drop the anchor. The main advantage of the mooring buoy is the ability to quickly moor and unmoor. The support floats are lightweight, made..
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article: MB-ROD-HDG
The buoy rod is made of hot-dip galvanized metal, protected from environmental factors, and resistant to corrosion and high humidity. The rod is an element of the mooring buoy used for parking the watercraft. Specification: Width: 1.20 m Length: 6.00 m Weight: 7,1 kg Additionally, we provid..
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