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Floating platforms & houses

Some examples of floating platforms with bearing capacity

Floating platforms can be of any size and bearing capacity. It all depends on the type and number of floats. Depending on your needs in size and bearing capacity, we will select and design an individual version specifically for your needs.

What are floating platforms?

Water occupies approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, and the vast majority of this space remains unutilized.
Thankfully, today with better equipment and improved engineering tools, engineers are now able to build floating work platforms. These floating platforms, also referred to as floating docks, can be used for:

  • Relaxing
  • Floating passage
  • Fishing
  • Building saunas or shed
  • Public swimming areas
  • Building houses / hotels / restaurants / exhibition halls etc.

Floating platforms or docks can be of any size, and besides commercial applications, they can also be used by homeowners residing near waterways for relaxing, docking their boat, or fishing. 

The other feature of floating platforms is that they are not embedded into the waterbed and hence do not cause any environmental issues. They can also be more easily and readily maintained.

Benefits of a Floating Platforms

  • Provides you with extra space for personal activities, like relaxing, fishing, and docking your boat.
  • Allows you to store light equipment, such as beach furniture, barbecue grills, and associated equipment (but these need to be firmly strapped down, or they may fall into the water with the motion of the waves).
  • Most modular designs do not split, crack, or rot and withstand both fresh and saline water for long periods of time.
  • They are relatively easy to construct within a short time frame.
  • You can order customized docks from the manufacturer to suit your needs. Floating work platforms are available in many styles, designs, colors, height, and other accessories.
  • Most of the newer floating platform construction has an anti-slip surface that lets you walk on them without fear of slipping on the wet platform.
  • Floating platforms are also designed with materials that do not transfer heat to your feet on a hot day.
  • You can even have floating platforms that have a side rope railing to help you walk without fear of falling into the water.

The floats

the choice of floats for a floating terrace or base for a house depends on the weight of the structure that is planned to be placed on the platform.

Floats that are most often used for the construction of platforms with small loads - 1000L. By combining them together in unlimited quantities - we can get a huge area with an impressive load-bearing capacity for your sauna or jacuzzi.

In the case of building a house - we always choose concrete floats - BP300 - having a bearing capacity of 3 tons. By combining multiple floats in one platform, we can provide stability for a whole house of 50 sqm or more.

Should I hire a professional platform installer?

For most people, hiring a professional installer is the best way to build a floating platform. This allows you to customize the platform, and you will not have to worry about the equipment, tools, and colors. PONTON.LV experienced installers will take care of all the issues and even offer you advice on maintenance.

The cost

The cost of installing a floating dock depends on the size, number of drums, type of material, and other accessories, like the gangway. 

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