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article: SOS-LIFEB-4300
The circle is a personal life-saving device used to keep a person on the surface of the water, made of solid floating material in the shape of a torus and painted bright orange.Lifebuoy approved by Finnish Maritime Administration, Solas and EU Ship accessory directive. Construction: Colour: ora..
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article: Glābšanas SOS postenis
Rescue post for the berth in the minimum required configuration to provide assistance in case of emergency. Included:: Aluminum or hot dip galvanized base Aluminum ladder (10 steps, L-2700mm) Life buoy 2.5kg with rope (rope in a plastic case, length 30m, thickness 6mm) Stainless ..
Ex Tax:400.00€
article: SOS-LINOR-30M
Stored in a plastic case which fits inside lifebuoy’s with inner diameter of 45 cm, length 30 m, rope thickness 6 mm. Construction: Colour: white Diameter: 6mm Lenght: 30m Additionally, we provide a high quality service that includes delivery as well as installation...
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