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Return policy


An individual who expresses a desire to purchase, has purchased or could purchase or use a product or service for a purpose that is not related to economic or professional activity (hereinafter referred to as the consumer) in accordance with Regulation No. 255 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia "Regulations on distance contracts" on point 19 of distance contracts, the right of refusal can be used and the purchased product can be returned within 14 calendar days from the moment of purchase.

In order to use the aforementioned right of purchase return, you must notify SIA PONTON.LV electronically by sending a return form (send us a message to and we will send you the form) to the electronic mail address or in writing by sending a return form to the address Stigu iela 4, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia.

Sending the return form or application within the specified period releases the consumer from any contractual obligations in connection with the respective distance contract. The consumer is obliged to return the product to the seller within seven days from sending the return form or application (sending an electronic letter or post). After returning the goods, the seller assesses the condition of the returned goods and prepares a document on the return of funds and sends it in the form of a reply electronically or to the specified address. If the consumer approves the content of the document on the return of funds, the seller is obliged to refund the amount of money paid for the product to the consumer within seven days after receiving the consumer's approval.


  • the price of the product or service depends on financial market fluctuations that cannot be controlled by the seller and may occur during the right of withdrawal;
  • the item is made based on consumer's specification or the item is clearly personalized;
  • the product is perishable or soon to expire;
  • due to its characteristics, the product is irreversibly mixed with other parts of this product after delivery;
  • the consumer has requested the seller or service provider to come and perform urgent repairs or maintenance work. If the seller or service provider, when visiting the consumer, provides an additional service or supplies goods that are not necessary spare parts to carry out repairs or maintenance work, the right of refusal is applicable to said additional services or goods.


  • at the time of receiving the goods, make sure that it fully corresponds to the ordered one - manufacturer, model, color, size and other important parameters. The right of refusal is not valid for a product that was delivered by courier and has a scratch or any other mechanical damage and this is not indicated immediately upon receipt of the product. If you see any visible damage to the package, please ask the courier to mark them on the delivery form. This will help to quickly find a solution in case the product itself was also damaged during delivery! You have the right not to accept a product whose packaging is damaged or looks suspicious already at the time of delivery.
  • Check but don't use the item.
  • Keep and do not damage the product's original packaging and assembly (sealed plastic packages may be carefully opened with scissors).

If the consumer exercises the right of refusal and it is not related to the non-compliance of the relevant product or service with the terms of the contract, then the consumer is obliged to cover the costs associated with sending the product back.

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